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* For professional coaches and counsellors
* For individuals to help reflect on work-related problems
* For teams who want to work creatively with change processes

The package contains 45 cards with both images and words.

- With different series of cards depending on the steps in the change pro cess.
- Choice and coincidence are part of working with the coaching cards.
- At each step a card is chosen based on its image. On the reverse side, the coachee finds a task he/she can perform with the coach.
- The goal is to use both the left and the right side of the brain.
- The images are reproductions of Greet Cassiers gouaches and activate the right side of the brain, which is needed to solve problems that cannot be solved with simple advice.

Greet Cassiers, Ernst Knijff and Paul van Geyt are counsellors and trainers with more than 20 years’ experience of coaching organisations and teams at change processes, individual coaching, training and education.

This project is the result of the combination of their experiences and talents. They organise one day training sessions on working with these Coaching Cards, to
learn to use these Cards to the full extent.